What Are the 5 Most Costly Gambling Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them?

There are a few gambling mistakes that you need to avoid to be the winner and not the loser.

Have you ever been to a casino and seen some poor sap walking across the floor with their head hung low, eyes of despair as they walk towards the exit with a look of defeat on their pathetic faces? It’s an all too common scene that we all should take note of. For this is the walk of desperation, of agony and shame. It’s one that we never want to take.

If you want to be the one sitting at the tables with all the chips in front of you instead of the person with empty pockets heading for the door, you need to listen up and pay attention. There are a few gambling mistakes that you need to avoid to be the winner and not the loser, after all, playing smart should be at the top of any gambler’s rule book.

Although some of these might sound like common sense to a lot of us, believe it or not, people continuously lose money and more just by committing one of these costly gambling mistakes. Read on to make sure you are not the loser the next time you visit your favorite casino:

  1. Avoid playing drunk
  2. This is by far the biggest mistake you can make when gambling. Alcohol and other drugs can severely diminish your rational thinking. This will lead to poor decisions and almost always…empty pockets.


  3. Playing games you don’t know
  4. Certain games can be fun to play and we never want to feel left out. Not wanting to be left on the side, we jump in without any regards to the rules and just start placing bets. We have no clue what we’re betting on and what the odds are. We just want to be a part of something.

    While this is good for your short term happiness, it’s disastrous for your long term success. You should never play a game without first knowing the rules and the odds of the bets.

  5. Taking insurance
  6. In blackjack, you can buy insurance when the dealer shows an Ace. If they have Blackjack, you will win 3-2 on your money. This may seem like a safe bet, but in reality, it’s one of the worse bets in a casino. It pays terrible odds and should never, I repeat never, be used by you. That is if you like making money.

  7. Greed
  8. There once was a man who set out to bust the casino. He went straight to the Baccarat tables and began placing large bets. He went on a nice run and wound up taking all of the chips off the table. The casino floor man had to request more chips to play the player and the game was shut down for a brief period of time.

    While the man had won millions of dollars and had enough money to live well for the rest of his life, he decided that wasn’t enough. He sat back down and began to slowly lose it all back to the casino. He walked away with a free meal and “Come back anytime” from the casino manager.You need to know when it’s time to get up and walk away.

  9. Playing too long
  10. It can be difficult to be aware of when your mind starts to stumble and you lose focus. You need to be able to recognize when you are making poor decisions. It will happen to everyone at some point, you just need to find where your threshold is and stop playing once it’s reached.


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