How to See Everything on the Vegas Strip in 7 Days


If you’re considering vacationing in Vegas, you already have some idea of what awaits you: around the clock action, beautiful people, spectacular shows, and money, money, money. Besides the casinos and entertainment, there are also various other activities that you will want to enjoy while you visit Sin City for a week.

You may be wondering how you will ever be able to see everything on the Vegas strip in seven days. It can be done:

  1. Stay on the strip

    This tip may seem like common sense, but there are so many hotels to stay in in Las Vegas that you will want to stay in one located directly on the strip if you want the easiest access to what the strip has to offer. Some hotels announce that they are in the strip area, but never really indicate that while you may be in close proximity to the strip, you won’t actually be on it, in the middle of everything.

  2. Bring your walking shoes

    If you have to navigate traffic in a rental car and then look for parking every time you want to spend some time in a particular place, you’ll waste valuable time that could be better spent actually enjoying something on the strip. The entire strip is only a little over four miles long, and even if you cannot walk that entire distance at once, during the course of a couple of days, you can get everything in on one side and take on the other side a different couple of days.

  3. Purchase tickets to shows ahead of time

    Any shows that you simply must see may be sold out by the time you arrive. Make sure to purchase these tickets ahead of time so you don’t spend valuable time hunting down available tickets.

  4. Designate the weekend nights for club hopping

    The best clubs in Vegas are the wildest on weekend nights. You never know who you might see in the VIP section. Some of these party places are located high atop the strip hotels, affording you a breath taking view of the strip at night.

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