Which roulette strategy is best for you?

Strategy can be applied even to those machines that are solely based on luck

There is no doubt that the casinos and gambling in general are all about luck; however, sometimes choosing a right strategy can be quite important as well.

Strategy can be applied even to those machines that are solely based on luck. When it comes to more intelligent games like poker, blackjack, etc. sticking to a specific plan is very essential. Roulette is no exception to that. You need a predetermined strategy in order to succeed. The question is how to understand which roulette strategy is best for you. And we are here to answer this query. Even though no strategy can guarantee winning or be strictly better than the other we can still help you find out everything you need to know in this field.


You will see hundreds, if not thousands of Roulette strategy tips in casinos. Usually they have something to do with playing free roulette or betting on the outside tables. There is one main strategy that you should keep in mind when at the roulette table: You should always have an advantage over the rest of the players and reduce the luck factor to the minimum level possible. Once you master the advanced strategies a little luck will be all that will be needed for making you a big time winner.

Rather than talking about one specific strategy we will give you some of the most valuable tips on how to win against Roulette system at casinos. And here they are:

  • Always play the European Roulette instead of American one. It has fewer slots.
  • Stay away from the single number bets. There are differences between pay outs and chances of success.
  • Avoid Number 5 bet. The worst bets are usually brought to the table.
  • Consider bets with the odds near pay outs.
  • Betting on the chances that are outside might be more profitable.
  • Increase your bankroll by cashing out from time to time.
  • Use bonuses to your advantage.
  • Always check the reputation of the casino before trusting them your money.

Gamblers will never stop looking for the ways to trick casinos and come across as smarter than the machines. Roulette is one of the most popular games when it comes to thinking of various strategies. The thing is that they come up with something new and revolutionary all the time and accordingly you have to keep up with the news actively.


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