What is the Palace of Chance Lottery?

Were you mesmerized by the recent $1.5 billion Powerball lottery? We don’t blame you. The prospect of winning that kind of cash is unfathomable. A few of us at the office bought $100 worth of tickets, hoping that we’d cash in big and be able to quit our day jobs. Of course, we told our bosses that we would obviously continue working if we hit the jackpot, something that apparently one of the winners claims they’ll continue to do.

inner1lottery01182016Deep down, we knew that winning would be next to impossible. How impossible, you ask? Well, apparently your odds of winning the Powerball are so against you (we’re talking 1 in 238 million), you have a better shot at becoming the President of the United Sates. Seriously. Your odds of becoming the President of the United States are about 1 in 10 million.

But you don’t want to be POTUS. You have other dreams and aspirations (and in some case, fears). So here are some more realistic odds to consider, and some not so realistic ones too:

Odds of being hurt by a toilet: 1 in 10,000—We’re not really sure how one would be injured in the washroom, unless of course you’re Doc Brown and you hit your head hanging a clock while standing on a toilet. But that being said, you would end up inventing the flux capacitor, which is what makes time travel possible. And if that happens, you’d know the Powerball numbers.

Odds of being crushed by a meteor: 1 in 700,000—Considering the odds of being struck by lightning is 1 in 2.3 million and there’s way more lightning out there than there are meteors crashing down towards earth, these odds are pretty scary to say the least.

i9nnerloterryLoe01182016Odds of winning an Oscar: 1 in 11,500—This number drops even lower if you’re Meryl Streep. She has 3 Oscars and has been nominated 19 times. Of course, you’ll need to star in a movie first in order to be nominated. So we’re assuming these numbers aren’t particularly accurate for the common man or woman. If you want some tips on how to do that, consider attending Meryl Streep’s upcoming Master Class in Berlin.

Odds of winning a gold medal: 1 in 662,000—Who says being out of shape has to hurt your dreams of competing in the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro? Your odds are looking pretty good. Of course, we’re assuming you’ll need to actually be some sort of athlete to even qualify for these odds. But hey, now that Kobe Bryant isn’t playing for Team USA this year, there’s an open spot on the roster for you.

Odds of becoming an astronaut: 1 in 12.1 million—These odds are significantly worse for me. I get nauseated standing in the ocean. I couldn’t even fathom floating in space, let alone not vomiting on the way up. Of course, you can always feel like an astronaut by watching Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield perform from space, like that time he covered David Bowie’s Space Oddity in the International Space Station.

Odds of predicting March Madness bracket perfectly: 1 in 128 billion—These odds are so bad, you have a greater chance of winning the Powerball lottery. Who knew?

While it seems as though winning the lottery isn’t going to happen anytime soon, that’s not necessarily the whole story. At Palace of Chance, you could end up winning the Palace of Chance Lottery. Seriously, this is a thing. And the lottery happens more often than you think.

Enter to Win, Twice Daily

Every day at 3pm and 9pm ET, we draw winners for our lottery where you could win hundreds of dollars in cash. Here’s how it works.

  • Make a deposit to your Palace of Chance account.
  • That’s it.
  • We’re serious. There’s no Step 3.

By making a deposit, you’ll be entered into the next drawing, automatically. The initial prizes are listed below, but they could grow even bigger. More on that in a sec. First, the prizes:

  1. 1st -> $200
  2. 2nd -> $50
  3. 3rd -> $40
  4. 4th -> $30
  5. 5th -> $20
  6. 6th -> $10
  7. 7th -> $5

It gets better. You can boost your potential prizes even higher. By depositing between $50 and $99, your potential prize is boosted by 2x. Deposit between $100 and $499 and we’ll boost it by 3x. And if you deposit $500 or more, you’ll win 5x your prize should we pull your name. That means if you deposit $100 and you win the first place prize, you’ll win $600 (that’s $200 x 3) instead of the standard $200.

No Deposit Code Required

innerlottery01182016The best part about the Palace of Chance lottery is that you don’t need a deposit code to take advantage of it. That means if you’ve made a deposit before learning about the lottery, you’ve already been entered into it. In fact, on several occasions, we’ve had players write Customer Service, asking why there was an extra $400 sitting in their account. It turns out they won and didn’t realize they had even entered.

And because no deposit code is required to enter the lottery, you can double dip on your winning potential. If you’re a new player, you can take advantage of our New Player Bonus that arms you with extra cash to play with. If you’re an existing player, there’s all kinds of things to take advantage of, including our Daily Promos and our Monthly Promotion (this month’s promo has to do with Fortune Cookies).

Join Palace of Chance Now for Free

Want in on The Lottery? Just create your free Palace of Chance account. You’ll need to deposit to be eligible for the Palace of Chance lottery (obviously) but you don’t necessarily need to deposit to see what all the fuss is about. You can play pretty much every game for free on your PC or Mac. And we’ve got a great mobile casino suite, too, so check it out. It takes just a few minutes to create your account (we only need a few pieces of information) so sign up now. Your odds of having a blast are 100%.


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