How do Variety Promos Work at Palace of Chance?

All of our Variety promos are redeemable an unlimited number of times
They say variety is the spice of life and we totally believe that at Palace of Chance! We know that our customers have different styles of play and different preferences, some of them like slots, and some of them are serious poker players; it does not matter, we love them all! This is why we have dedicated long hours in the promotions department in order to create different offers to please every one of our customers.

When you visit our Variety Promotions Page, you will feel like a kid at a candy store deciding which promotions to choose. But, you do not have to worry, because you can take advantage of all of them for as long as you want and how many times you want! All of our Variety promos are redeemable an unlimited number of times, so don’t worry and go crazy!

Light up your balance and spin your digits up!

For the clients that love to see those reels spin and those numbers light up, we have a super special promotion on Slots and Keno. It is a 200% bonus that you can receive with a deposit of $30 or more. On top of all, this bonus comes with no playthrough so you can cash your winnings immediately! This comes in handy with the 10x Max Cash-Out that is offered. Something tells me that Slots and Keno fans will come back for this bonus faster that you can say jackpot!

It’s all about the Benjamins!

For the players that love to make the most out of their innervariety31072014 buck and play for hours, we have a 600% bonus on a deposit of 30 dollars or more! Yes, that is right, six hundred percent extra! This bonus comes with two different kinds of playthrough to accommodate your preferences.

If you use it in Video Poker and table games, it has a 60x Playthrough requirement; otherwise it is 30X. This super promotion comes with a 10x max cash-Out so you can really milk it for all it’s got! Can you hear the sweet cha-ching of those chips? We sure can!

Rebel out!

Unleash you inner outlaw with our 200% No Rules bonus. Are you the type of costumer that likes to see fast results and cash out at any time? Then this is the choice for you! This bonus comes with no playthrough and no max cash out, so you are the ones calling all the shots and deciding how to use the bonus. This coupon is for All Allowed games with the exception of Blackjack, and you can use it when you make a deposit of $50 or more!

All of the codes for these mega bonuses can be found in the Variety Promotions Page here at Palace of Chance! Check them out and discover why good things come in all shapes and sizes!

Juliana Peyton

Her friends describe her as the funnest person they've ever met. Juliana loves blackjack and does a lot of practice and research on the game, she also claims to be a sucker for cute slot machine toys, which she has collected for several years. Graduated recently from UCLA and now is back in her hometown of Las Vegas ready to have fun!

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