Do casinos attract gun violence?

If you’re looking for more reasons to stay home and play online casino games instead of heading out to a local casino, look no further than this week’s news. There are way too many gun stories to report and many of them are absolute tragedies. If you’re looking for a good-news story, this is definitely not one of them.

A Las Vegas man has killed himself just outside the buffet of the M Resort in Nevada, which is located about 15 minutes off the Las Vegas strip. The reason for his suicide? He was upset that the casino revoked his lifetime free buffet pass.

innergun08062015You read that right. We’re not even making this up. A man who once enjoyed all-you-can-eat everything was told he can no longer eat everything. So he offed himself. Right before taking his own life, he set his car on fire in a parking garage.

We know the reason for his suicide because he sent a bunch of letters to a Las Vegas-area newspaper.

To be fair, there was more than a food ban at play here. The man said he suffered from depression, though he blamed his depression on the revocation of the free buffet pass. So why was he banned from the buffet? Well, it is alleged that he had harassed female buffet employees, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

Now that you’re depressed, it’s time for a good news story. A man has been arrested after shots were fired during a massive brawl at a Queens, New York casino on Friday.

Jaquan Roberts, 22, of Brooklyn, is facing charges of two counts of assault, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless endangerment.

We know what you’re thinking. A good news story? What’s so good about this? Well the good news is no one was killed.

If these stories make you fearful of heading to a live casino, don’t let them deter you. Crime can happen anywhere, but the news tends to report on those that happen in and around casinos. Studies tend to show that there is usually less crime at casinos because of a larger police presence, which is often afforded due to increased tax revenue.

But if you’re still a little shaky on the idea, there are always online casinos like Palace of Chance.


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