Are slot machines the casino’s way of mocking you?

Did you hear the story about the blonde in Vegas? There she is, standing in front of a vending machine. She pops in a few quarters and out comes a Snickers bar. She pops in another few quarters and out pops peanut butter cups. Again, she pops in a few quarters and out comes some gum.


A young man approaches her, confused, and asks, “Miss, what are you doing?”… Her response? “I’m winning.”

Now if you heard this joke and had never been to a casino, you might think that the joke is all about the blonde’s lack of intelligence. But if you play slot machines, you actually know that the blond might be on to something. Your best chance at winning at a machine that you pop coins into might actually be a vending machine.

You’ve heard the moniker one-armed bandits. Slot machines of yesteryear with 3-reels and a lever earned the nickname because they were famous for taking your money without paying you back. But is it true? Are slot machines just the casino’s way of robbing you? We’re digging deep to prove that’s not the case.

Today’s slot machines are different

We get why the old slot machines were known as robbing devices. With only three reels and one payline, they rarely paid out. But today’s slots are way different. Today, you’ve got 5-reel machines with 25, 50 or sometimes even 88 paylines. And there are all kinds of bonus rounds that let you play for free with the house’s money. We’re not sure if most robbers would hand over free money for you to play with.

You’ll probably win more hands playing the tables, but it’ll cost you

Rather play blackjack? It’ll cost you. In Vegas, you’re looking at about $25 a hand on a semi-busy night. Got $100? You could lose it all in four hands, assuming you don’t win (less if you find yourself in a split and double down position). But penny slots still exist in Las Vegas. And even if you’re playing quarter slots, $100 will last you 100 times longer assuming you ran through a string of losses.

When you win, you can win REALLY big!

The old slot machines of the ‘70s and ‘80s were one-offs. Today’s slots are different. Now, you’ve also got the benefit of having slot machines linked together through the casino and with other slots around the world via the Internet. That means more players are feeding more jackpots simultaneously to bring you more chances to win. Yes, you’re not guaranteed to hit the jackpot, but if you do, the payout would end being extraordinary.

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