Fruit Bowl XXV

You’ve probably been in a food fight before, and if you have, you know it’s a real fruit frenzy but with Palace of Chance’s new game, the fruit craziness has reached a completely new level. We present you with Fruit Bowl XXV, a 1-25 payline slot machine that will take your bankroll to the end-zone. You will want to hire your own cheerleaders for the thrill this game offers, since you can choose a per-turn bet from $0.25 all the way to $125. Giveaways of up to 25x your initial bet during free games are a great score, but the real secret weapon of the playbook is unlocking the two progressive jackpots as well as the Win-Win feature that will get you the winning trophy.

How to Play Fruit Bowl XXV

Choose your bet of up to $125 that will be divided among the 1-25 paylines, that you chose to play with. When you set your wager amount, let it roll by clicking “Spin” and wait for your win to do your touchdown dance. If you want to sit back and enjoy the game from the sideline, then just select the Autoplay feature and watch your action for up to 1000 reels without moving a muscle. The Wild symbol here is the Grape, which will substitute all winning symbols in a winning combination, except for the Fruit Bowl Scatters.

When three or more scattered “Fruit Bowl XXV” pictures appear on any normal roll, the Fruit Bowl special is put into effect and an animated field will appear with 4 opponents that you have to beat to get your touchdown. You can choose your own personal strategy to beat each respective opponent; with 5 free games awarded for each one you beat. But, the round will end if they get their hands on you and tackle you onto the turf.

The Win-Win Bonus feature is displayed at the end of the Fruit Bowl Bonus feature when the overall free games won is 10x or more the triggering bet. During this round, you are awarded a 250x prize if you were totally unsuccessful in winning anything during the Fruit Bowl Bonus. Furthermore, any total free game win that is more than 2x but less or equal to 5x the bet will give you a bonus prize of 10x your initial bet. A total free game win that is more than 5x but less than or equal to 10x the bet will be rewarded a 5x bet bonus prize. This simple instructions also apply when playing Food Fight for free among a great selection of free slot games you can play on your browser.

Fruit Bowl XXV Game Controls

Bet Per Line

Adjust the initial bet from $0.25 to $250, which will be divided into the amount of lines you select to play.

Lines Selected

Choose how many lines from 1 to 25 that you want to play in any specific round.


If you need some more explicit explanations for the game play, just click “Help” at any time to access the help menu.


Sit back and watch the game from the VIP box as you decide how many reels you want to play from 2 to 1000, with a bet amount and a number of lines played that you decide. Put your heels up and watch the incredible Fruit Bowl, an exciting slot game XXV unfold before your eyes without risking a player injury.

Symbols and Characters

Scatter symbol

When the Fruit Bowl XXV scatter symbol hits, it multiplies the winnings by the total bet amount, regardless of where it is found on the screen.

Substitute symbol

The Grape will substitute any other icon that comes up on your reels in any spin except the Fruit Bowl XXV Scatter symbol. However the number of Grapes you hit will dictate how much your winnings are multiplied by, which can be up to 7000x.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

You will see some major winnings when the major and minor jackpots are triggered during the game play. The bonus prize keeps on building up and building up until its randomly awarded.

Direction of Play

All reels are played left to right unless a Scatter is hit, which pays in all directions.

Fruit Bowl XXV Game Screen
Fruit Bowl XXV Options Screen
Fruit Bowl XXV Bet Options
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