Triple 7 Inferno

This classic online slots game is a throwback to the old days of Las Vegas. We’re talking Fremont Street and the Golden Nugget. The game’s easy as pie to figure out; just hit three 7s to win huge. And look out for the Flame balls to win the massive progressive jackpot that only the top US casino has to offer.

How to Play Triple 7 Inferno

Each credit you add to the machine from your balance is worth $1. Add from your balance by clicking the chip denominations ($5, $25 and $100 chips) to add multiple credits, or click on the coin slot for single credits.

You can then choose how many credits you want to bet, from 1-3. Either click the “Bet One” button up to 3 times, or click the “Bet Max” button to bet maximum coins and spin the online slots reels automatically.

Now that you’ve placed a wager, just click “Spin Reel” to play!

How to Win at Triple 7 Inferno

Triple 7 Inferno online slot machine pay on a single line, marked as a “Payline” on the machine. How much you win is based on how many coins you play, and the Progressive Jackpot can only be won if you bet 3 coins.

The Pay Table shows you the winning combinations for each of the 3 coin wager levels. You can see the Pay Table displayed within the game so you’ll always know how much you can win. If you feel like you need to practice you can do so at our web play section, where you can find this and many free slots without download for you to practice on.

Triple 7 Inferno Game Controls

Bet One

Bet one coin (can be clicked up to three times on a 3-reel).

Spin Reel

Spin the reels and start playing the game.

Play 3 Credits

The allows you to bet the maximum amount of coins (3).

Cash Out

Cash out your credits and winnings.

Winner Paid

Displays how much you won on your last spin.

Credit Window

These are the number of credits you have added that are available for play.

Coins Played

This is the number of credits you have wagered on the spin.


Find all of the game instructions here.

Triple 7 Inferno Game Screen
Triple 7 Inferno Options Screen
Triple 7 Inferno Bet Options
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