The Three Stooges 2

One of the most popular online casinos in the US, Palace of Chance has now brought us one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, turned into an exciting online slots theme! And this time, it’s the sequel we’re looking at. Behold, the new & improved, The Three Stooges II!

The Three Stooges II comes along with amazing features and well as the famous slapstick comedy that has win everyone’s hearts for decades. The Three Stooges II is a classic 3 reel online slots game, where each one of the Stooges triggering some of the coolest free games features you can find

On this new slot game, The Three Stooges II, Larry lets you win up to 20 free games with amazing prizes which are multiplied by 6; Moe gives you up to 100 free games and its prizes can be multiplied by 10! In the case of Curly, you can be awarded 9 free games with prizes doubled. All together give players the chance to win the juicy Three Stooges Progressive Jackpot!

Make sure you try out this incredibly fun new version of this very cool choice among 3 reel online slots and prepare yourself for some hilarious action, with hours of laughter and good old entertainment!

How to Play The Three Stooges 2

The Three Stooges II is for sure one of the easiest online slot games to play. Basically all you need to do is pick your bet, hit the “Spin” button and wait for the reels to spin towards your jackpot! On this game you need to line up identical symbols on the payline in order to win.

Remember that there are 3 fixed paylines and that you can get the chance to get free spins at any given time depending on the trigger symbols, which of course are our favorite stooges: Curly, Larry and Moe! Are you ready from of the craziest casino slots games ever created?

The Three Stooges 2 Game Controls

On the Three Stooges II online slot, you will find basically the common game controls used on any 3 reel slot: Autoplay, Bet and Spin. Each of these games controls will allow you to personalize your gaming experience and will make your time on this insanely fun slot machine truly a blast:


This control gives you the chance to choose how much money you want to play on each spin and it is customizable per spin unless you choose autoplay.


The Spin button is the one that gets the Three Stooges spin off towards your jackpot.


With this control you set up your game to be played automatically for a certain amount of spins or until you hit a jackpot.

The Three Stooges 2 Symbols & Characters

Trigger Symbols

Of course these symbols had to be the main characters: Curly, Larry and Moe each get you either free spins or chances to get your prizes multiplied.

Wild symbols

It is of course the Three Stooges II logo; there was no way to pick a favorite stooge for this symbol so we choose them all.

Special Symbol Attribute

This is a very could feature where animated symbols include can get you trigger symbols and wild.

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