The Nice List

You’ve hung the stockings. You’ve put out the milk & cookies. In fact, you’ve also put out the water & veggies just in case Santa is lactose intolerant and trying to shed a few pounds (and aren’t we all around the holidays?). Now the only thing left to do is sit back and hope you’re on the nice list.

But why hope? You can guarantee you’ll make it in Santa’s good books by firing up your Mac or PC and playing The Nice List, an amazing slots game that you can play all year round at Palace of Chance. This game features no specific number of paylines, which means as an All Ways Pays game it comes armed with 1024 combinations to help you win.

How to Play

Playing The Nice List is much easier than finding a parking spot outside a 34th Street department store in New York three days before Christmas. Well to be fair, finding a parking spot is ridiculously hard, so that doesn’t say much. But trust us, it’s super easy to play The Nice List. Just place your bet by using the up and down arrows near the Bet button. Remember, the bet that shows up is your total bet per spin. There are no payline adjustments to make, so playing is as easy as clicking the Spin button when you’re ready to win.

Game Controls

If you can’t remember the call to get those reindeer moving, don’t worry. Playing The Nice List doesn’t require and magic Santa spell. As long as you know these controls, you’re good to go.


There are no paylines in The Nice List, so you don’t have to worry whether you should bet one payline or all 50. The Nice List is an All Ways Pays game so one spin locks in 1024 possible winning combinations.


You can bet as little as $0.50 pre spin in The Nice List. Just use the down arrow to drop down to the minimum or the up arrow to raise it.


When you’re happy with your wager, just hit the Spin button to play the game.


If you’re too hopped up on Egg Nog and need to sit back and relax, you can still play The Nice List. Just click the AutoPlay button to tell the game to do the spinning for you using your last locked in bet selection.

Game Symbols & Characters

Winni the Wild Witch The Winni symbol serves as a wild that counts for all other symbols, including scatters. If she’s in a winning combination, she’ll triple the prize. She also makes appearances in the Wild Witches and Win-Win features, so it’s best to stay on her good side.

Scatter Cauldrons These symbols are the key to the game’s many features. Collect three or more on a single spin to activate one of the three features, including the Great Ghosts, Wild Witches and Win-Win features.

Great Ghosts These spooky characters fly onto the reels after some scatter wins to award free games to lucky players.

Pirate Ghost: Don’t be scared. If you find one in the Treasure Chest feature, you’ll stop the game and score 100 free spins.

Features Trigger

Triggering one of the features in Bubble Bubble is all about the scattered Cauldrons. If you’re able to collect three or more from left to right in a single spin, you’ll gain access to one of three features. When you get the symbols, you’ll just need to click on a triggering Cauldron to reveal which feature you’ll be treated to. Whether it’s the Great Ghosts feature, the Wild Witches feature or the Win-Win feature, you really can’t lose!

The Nice List Game Screen
The Nice List Options Screen
The Nice List Bet Options
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