The Naughty List

Who says you have to be the big guy in red to have all the fun in the reindeer-led sleigh? We’re giving you the keys to Santa’s cruiser and letting you go hunting for presents! If you’re worried about getting caught and making The Naughty List, don’t be. It turns out Santa loves naughty people. Plus, if you get caught, just blame the Naughty & Nice girls.

That’s right. Santa’s favorite two ladies are hanging out in the sleigh to make your trip around the world way more fun. They’ll guide you to big rewards in this 50-payline slots game that features two big random jackpots, a max payout of 3,000x your bet per line, a really fun bonus round that features a free spin round on top of it, and loads of other Christmas goodies. Play now and it’ll feel like Christmas all year long.

How to Play

Ready to unwrap something amazing? Start by making your bet and line selections. Just click the up and down arrows next to the Bet and Lines button to make your choices. To lock in your bet, hit the Spin button. The reels will start moving really fast as the sleigh moves about the world. When the reels stop, you’ll get paid out if you’ve lined up enough matching symbols on one of the paylines you’ve played. Some symbols pay out more than others. To find out which ones are the most rewarding, click the Help button in the game.

Game Controls

Don’t worry about getting the reindeer order right to get the sleigh moving. Is it “On Comet, On Cupid, Now Dasher, Now Dancer” or something completely different? We can’t keep track, and luckily you won’t have to either. Just use these controls to accelerate the sleigh and navigate towards riches.


There are 50 paylines in The Naughty List. You can play between one line and all 50. Just use the up and down arrows next to the Lines buttons to select the number of paylines you want to play. Remember, you can only win if symbols line up on a payline that you’ve played.


Feel free to adjust your wager to whatever you’re comfortable. You can bet between $0.01 per line and $5 per line, up to a maximum of $250 per spin assuming you’re playing all 50 lines.


To lock in your bet, click the Spin button. It’ll set the reels in motion.


Want to put that sleigh on autopilot while you chill with the Naughty & Nice girls? We don’t blame you. Just click the AutoPlay button. The software will spin bet for you using the last bet and line selections you’ve made, and then pay you out for any wins automatically. After each game, it’ll spin again for you.

Game Symbols & Characters

Wild Symbol — Santa gets wild in The Naughty List. Literally. He’s the wild symbol. So if you’ve hit two matching symbols and Santa shows up, he can help you complete that winning combination and earn you extra rewards. Keep in mind that he can’t sub in for scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbol — The Naughty List symbol is the scatter symbol. If you’re extra naughty and hit three of them, you’re off to the Naughty Pick Feature game where you’ll get to unwrap a bunch of present sway before Christmas Eve (just don’t tell Santa or those Naughty & Nice girls).

Features Trigger

The Naughty List symbol is really rewarding, so keep your eyes open for it. Actually, keep your eyes open for three of them. If they show up in triplets, you’ll get to play the Naughty Pick Feature game. Just keep choosing a present to unwrap a bonus prize or prize multiplier. It ends when you land on two Naughty Notes, at which time you’ll get to play the Santastic Free Spins feature.

The Naughty List Game Screen
The Naughty List Options Screen
The Naughty List Bet Options
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