The Elf Wars

Forget snowball fights. A new war is brewing that puts an entirely new spin on the term Reindeer Games. Welcome to the North Pole, which might as well be called the South Pole because things have turned completely upside down.

Rudolph and Santa have gone separate ways, and now the elves are splitting off and taking sides. It’s literally good vs. evil as Santa’s little helpers split off into two rival camps and fight for full control of the North Pole, Santa’s workshop, and the holiday formerly known as Christmas.

Sleigh bells have been replaced with sirens. Joy has been replaced with fear. And you’ve been dropped into all the madness.

But not all hope is lost. As the elves battle in the ultimate winter war, there’s enough money to be won to make this the best Christmas yet thanks to tons of bonus rounds, 50 paylines, a games feature guarantee, a massive jackpot, and so much more.

How to Play The Elf Wars

Despite the nonstop chaos unfolding between the Good Elves and the Bad Elves as they vie for control of Christmas, Elf Wars is as easy to play as any other 5-reel online video slots at Palace of Chance.

Just sign in to your online casino account, locate the Elf Wars game, place your bet, lock in your line selections, and hit the Spin button. You’ll get paid out according to the pay schedule when the reels come to a stop.

Elf Wars features a number of bonus rounds—four big ones, in fact—and entering a bonus round requires you to land on certain symbols. Just click the Help button to find out everything you need to know about the game.

Game Controls

The elves might be wreaking all sorts of havoc, but you’re still in some control with the right gameplay buttons at your fingertips.


Elf Wars features 50 paylines to play, but how many of them you play is entirely your call. Just use the up and down arrows to the left and right of the Lines button to decrease or increase the number of lines you’re like to play. The default is 50, but you can change it with every spin.


If you’re short on funds, or if you’re following a smart online slots betting strategy, you can alter how much you’d like to bet with each spin. The Elf Wars game shows your bet per line as well as your total bet per spin.


Clicking the Spin button sets the reels in motion.

Symbols & Characters

Santa’s workshop, even though it’s been all but destroyed, features a cast of characters. Each one can help you win big money, so watch out for them.

The Good Elves and Bad Elves

Elf Wars has two scatter symbols—Good Elves and Bad Elves. No matter which side you’re pulling for, you’ll benefit if you hit either symbols. Scatter wins are added to line wins, and they’re multiplied by your total. Good Elves and Bad Elves are also your ticket to playing some of the free games features. The number and type of symbols you need to hit, and the order you need to hit them in, depend on the game. Click Help in the casino software for all the info.

Santa and Rudolph

The Santa symbol and Rudolph symbol are the substitute symbol. That means they can substitute for any other symbol in the game (except for the Good Elves and Bad Elves) to help you make winning combinations.

The Elf Wars Game Screen
The Elf Wars Options Screen
The Elf Wars Bet Options
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