Shark School

We’re taking the concept of schools of fish to a whole new level! Welcome to Shark School, a new 50-payline, 5-reel online slots game that turns the ocean into an unreal collegiate institute that you need to see to believe. Clownfish with glasses. Sharks with braces. Whales with letter jackets. This game has it all. And you’ve never seen anything like it before because Shark School is our very first 4-row online slot machine. The extra row means more opportunity to line up the symbols you need, so there’s loads of chances to make a big splash.
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How to Play

Ready to head to class? It’s easy to get started. Just use the up and down arrows that you’ll find to the left and right of the Bet and Lines buttons. The up arrows increase your selections and the down arrows lower them. You can play anywhere between 1 and 50 paylines, and you can bet between $0.01 and $5 per line. It’s important to note that your bet per line isn’t your final bet per spin. Your actual total bet will be your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines you play. To lock in your bet, click the Spin button. When the reels come to a stop, you’ll get paid out if you’ve hit the right symbols.

Game Controls

While the sharks are generally friendly in this one (after all, how can you fear a shark with braces?), there are some important controls you need to know if you want to play safe and smart.


Shark School includes 50 paylines. You win when your symbols line up on a payline, but each payline you play costs you money. You can play between 1 and 50 paylines.


Your bet amount is for each line, not for each spin. The up and down arrows let you fine-tune your selections.


To start playing and lock in your bet, click the Spin button.


If you want to play faster and win faster, click the AutoPlay button. You’ll find it in the bottom-left corner of the game, next to the Lines button. With AutoPlay on, the game spins for you, pays you out after each win, and spins again, so you can sit back and enjoy the school.

Game Symbols

Playing Shark School is already rewarding enough with the fourth row of symbols. But this game ups the ante even more with a handful of extra rewarding symbols.


Sometimes you’re one symbol short of completing a winning combination. Don’t worry too much. In Shark School, you’ve got the Teacher symbol. If the symbol shows up and you’re one symbol short of completing a winning combination, it will sub in for that symbol. That’s kind of like finding an answer already filled in for you on a big school exam.


In Shark School, this is the scatter symbol. If you hit three of them at the same time, you’ll get to play free games, on the house. That means you can win big and play on our dime, without spending any credits.

Shark School contains three different feature games—Swim Fishy, Swim, Bad Sharky, and Don’t Eat the Teacher. You’ll be invited to play one of the feature games if you hit three or more School symbols. Each game comes with different bonus opportunities and prize multipliers – plus the chance to win even more free games along the way. You could even hit a bonus as large as 200x your bet, so this is one school you’ll definitely want to attend.

Shark School Game Screen
Shark School Options Screen
Shark School Bet Options
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