Palace of Chance presents Cubee! The exciting new slot game with a twist! This epic game teleports players back in time where they must partake in courageous battles and power through the biggest of obstacles, in order to get Cubee back to his friends and family. Cubee is not like your typical slot game because it has no reels! Instead, the game features a singular, time-travelling vortex which pushes players through the action where they are surrounded by 8 unique floating symbols. Get ready to experience the amazing one-of-a-kind Cubee slot game powered by Real-Time Gaming!

In Cubee’s time travelling endeavors, players will have to conquer his evil enemies in a series of epic battles. You’ll hurtle through the 3 ages: the Stone Age, Era of the Pirates, and the Viking Age, before going head-to-head with Cubee’s archenemy, Rocco. With a top reward of 50,000 times the bet, Cubee truly is a slot game like no other! Players will marvel and fall in love with the little creature as he helps you win your way to fun and riches!

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Cubee is the delightfully new, unconventional slot game with no reels! Players are presented with a swirling, time travel vortex with 8 individual floating symbols. Your mission is to guide Cubee through the different ages, where he must acquire various different weapons including swords, axes and clubs to defeat his nemesis Rocco. As you munch on power-ups and smaller enemies, Cubee will start to get bigger and even more powerful! You’ll also rack up free spins, free games and multipliers which you’ll be able play and use in the final stage of the game.  

How to Play Cubee

Load up the game and select “Play” to begin. The singular payline time vortex spits out 8 hovering symbols, and you can increase or decrease your bet amount at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve picked your wager amount, hit “Spin” to start the adventure. It won’t take long before you are clubbing, stabbing, and ransacking your way to huge wins! You’ll be rewarded with everything from coins, to power-ups, multipliers and weapons to destroy Rocco. If clicking “Spin” every time starts to tire you out, just click “Autoplay” and watch those wins roll in by themselves!

Cubee Controls

Cubee is a no-reel slot game with 8 floating symbols

Bet – Pick your bet amount using the arrows or set to max bet.

Spin – Once you have decided on how much you want to wager, click Spin to start playing.

Autoplay – Autoplay gets the reels spinning automatically, that way you don’t need to do it manually! This feature can be turned off during any play session too.

Symbols & Characters

Bonus triggers: Cannon, Bow

  • Cannon symbol appears in Pirate Era and fires free games.
  • Bow symbol fires arrows which act as bonus multipliers.

Power Up – Power Ball

Weapons – Club, Spade, Axe: reduces Rocco’s health bar with each weapon appearance.

Cubee Free Games trigger – free games are awarded in the Pirate Era when the cannon appears.

Cubee Bonus features

  • Free games are triggered in the Pirate Era and saved until the 4th round of the game.
  • Bonus multipliers are triggered in the Viking Era and saved until the 4th round of the game.
  • Every bet amount has its own progress saved.

Top award: 50,000x the bet per line

Cubee Game Screen
Cubee Options Screen
Cubee Bet Options
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