Sevens Wild

Get ready for a video poker experience seven times wilder than you have had before. In this interactive take on the popular card game ’5 card Poker’, 7 cards are in fact wildcards. This enables players to use them to complete any winning hand combination and giving more opportunities to win the jackpot of up to 4000 times your original bet. If you love thrills while also using your brain then give this exciting video poker game a try.

How to play Sevens Wild

In this game 7′s serve as the wild cards and can supplement any other card in a winning combination. The aim of the game is to get the best poker hand from the cards that are dealt to you by the computer dealer. Loads of generous payouts such as Five of a Kinds, Wild Royals and of course the lucky 7′s when you get Four of a Kind. Those lucky Royal Flush winners will receive a massive jackpot payout of up to 4000 times the original bet.

As similar casino games offered by Palace of Chance, you can also play Multi Hand games, which are more or less the same as a single-hand game. You will get dealt five cards to begin with. Clicking and holding a card enables a player to hold the same card for other hands throughout the rest of the game. You will however be dealt different cards when you draw more cards to complete each hand.

Just scroll your mouse over the winning hand and it will be magnified so that you can see it. All Multi Hand games include the Double or Nothing feature and your winnings from all of your different hands are summed up before the feature is activated.

The Speed Deal feature enables you to increase the pace of a game so that the dealing speeds up. Simply click on the Speed Box and see if you can keep up.

Player’s Turn

All you need to do is decide how many coins you want to put down on the table and then simply click ‘Deal’. Remember hold on to the 7′s as they are your wild cards and could really come in handy throughout the whole game.

Dealer’s Turn

When your bets are set, just click ‘Deal’ to have your cards dealt to you. He will deal himself cards as well, so it is you against him.

You Win When

If your hand beats the dealer’s hand you win. But, it doesn’t stop there, since every time you get a winning hand you can expect the Double or Nothing’ feature to pop up as a little winning treat. Stakes are high and excitement is at maximum levels as you can either double your money or lose everything. Big risks yet big winnings make this feature extra thrilling.

Once activated, you will be told your current winnings and your potential winnings if you opt to try and double. Clicking ‘Yes’ enables you to see the dealer’s card as well as four extra cards. To select a card, click on it and to change your selection just click another card. Click ‘Draw Deal’ to draw the card that you chose. If you get a card higher than the dealer’s then you win however if your card is lower then you lose all.

Sevens Wild Game Screen
Sevens Wild Options Screen
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