Roaring Twenties Bingo

The days of Bingo being a game played by senior citizens in churches are long gone, with Roaring Twenties Bingo you can get serious excitement and win some great cash prizes. This is a game of chance, true, but there are a number of bonuses built into the game that boost your chances of winning at the top US casino. From playing up to 100 cards at the same time to increasing the number of balls in the spinner, the possibilities are endless! Choose a bet amount that works for you and play this bingo-slot fusion to try your card at winning the randomly dispersed progressive jackpot or the Maxi Jackpot of up to 10,000x your initial bet.

How to Play Roaring Twenties Bingo

Don’t get overwhelmed by the numbers, the game is pretty simple to play. Just choose your bet amount per card which can vary from $0.01 to $5 and the number of turns (up to 100) you want to play for that round. Then choose the number of cards you want to play from 1 to 100 and whether you want to activate the Extra Ball option to add 5 extra balls and double your bet. From here, just click ‘Start’ and watch the action unfold. If things are feeling a bit old-timer still, click ‘Turbo’ and speed up the play to watch your winnings pour in. The more draws, the more cards, the better your chances of winning.

Game Play Controls


Choose how much money you want to wager for each new turn.


You can play up to 100 cards or just 1 per turn, but remember, your odds are far greater if you play 100—something you could never manage in real life.


You can decide how many times you want the cards played per round, increase your draws and increase your winning chances

Extra Balls

Add 5 balls into the spinner for a bonus feature activation of big money possibilities


If at any time you need help in the game; just click the “Help” button and a screen will come up for you.

Payouts and Combinations

Have a look at this chart for a list of combinations you can get… and the amazing bonus payouts as well.

Combination Explanation
Vertical Lines Consecutive numbers hit vertically across the board
Horizontal Lines Consecutive numbers hit horizontally across the board
Diagonal Lines Consecutive numbers hit diagonally across the board
Letter X 10:1 payout for a solid “X” across the board
Letter H 50:1 payout for a solid “H” across the board
Frame 250:1 payout for a solid frame around the board
Full Board Maxi Jackpot payout of 10,000x each bet and applying to successive cards.
Roaring Twenties Bingo Game Screen
Roaring Twenties Bingo Options Screen
Roaring Twenties Bingo Bet Options
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