What if you could turn $1 into as much as $50,000 in a matter of seconds? It happens a lot in Las Vegas and at online casinos, and it’s all because of an amazing game called keno. You can think of playing it as just like playing the lottery or similar games at the casino. Both games have a lot in common—including paydays fit for a king. Read on to learn how to play keno online.

How to play Keno

Every game starts with a blank keno card. You’ll find 80 numbers on the card. To get the game going, choose between four and 10 numbers on the keno card.

Once you’re happy with your numbers, you can start your race. A set of 20 numbers will then be drawn from the 80 numbers marked on the card.

Keno Online Strategy

Using the chart above, you can figure out whether it’s worth betting on a specific number of picks. For example, knowing that your chances of hitting 5 out of 10 picks are 1:20, and knowing that hitting the 5 out of 5 numbers comes with odds of 1:1,551, you could choose to play a 10-spot and be perfectly happy with the results. While you’ll win way more for playing a 5-spot and hitting all five, casting a wider net is a good online strategy for new players.

But what about picking numbers? Does that involve any strategy? Well, just like playing the lottery, keno is 100% luck. So pick your favorite combination of numbers, or let the system decide it for you by playing a Quick Pick. No matter what you choose, you’re much closer to winning at Palace of Chance.

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