Hot Dice

Your winning capacity in this blazing scratch casino card game
is through the roof with low bets and high odds. These dice can get so hot that even your bankroll will break a sweat, and you’ll absolutely love the animation in this cash-winning inferno.

How to Play Hot Dice

When the game opens you will be prompted to select your bet amount from $1 all the way to $10 per turn. You will see five sets of the hot dice waiting for you on the screen to be scratched off only when you decide click them. The winning begins when you score either 7 or 11 with any pair, using any combination. If you prefer to uncover all the dice is one click, just click ‘Scratch All’ to reveal all of the dice combinations at once. Upon each set of hot dice being exposed, the payout multiplier will also show up to show you your winnings.

Playing Hot Dice is all about the fun and the luck, so don’t worry about having to brush up on any strategy. Start with a small bet if you like to stretch out the game, because even if you are only betting $1, if you hit the 2000x multiplier you are going to be in the money. That being said, once you start building your bankroll, you can increase your bets because hitting the 2000x multiplier with a $10 bet will yield you $20,000.

Game Play Controls


The amount that you want to wager on any specific round is your bet


If you need a refresher course, just click the ‘Help’ button and you will reach the assistance screen

Scratch All

If you want all of the dice revealed at once instead of clicking each one individually to scratch it off, just click ‘Scratch All’

Symbols and Characters


There are 5 pair of dice on the screen for each round that need to be scratched off.

7 and 11

Winning in this game means rolling a 7 or 11, irrespective of how you reach that combination.

Bonus Multiplier

Under each dice, a multiplier is revealed that may get you all hot and bothered because there are payouts with multipliers of 1x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x and a scorching 2000x.


There is a Jackpot that accumulates all throughout the game and, completely randomly, it just bursts like a balloon and is rewarded to you on the spot. The longer you play, the better your chances of falling on this kind of good luck. You can see the heat rising on the Jackpot amount on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Hot Dice Game Screen
Hot Dice Options Screen
Hot Dice Bet Options
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