5 Diamond Blackjack

It’s a classic game of 21 at the top US casino! Simply hit 21, or beat the dealers hand with any of your 5 hands to win in this twist on the classic casino game of Blackjack.

How to Play 5 Diamond Blackjack

To start the game, select a bet amount of either $1, $2, $5 or $10. Click on Play to highlight the Dealer’s Hand, you will see five hands that are yours. You may click on each hand individually to play them, or select the “Scratch All” button.

You win if any one of your 5 hands are more than the dealer’s hand, equal to 21, or reveal a diamond symbol.

Your winning hands will blink on the screen and display your win. What do you win? Well, it could either be a free card, or a payout that multiplies ‘x’ times over your bet. Refer to the payout table in the rules menu to check your winning amount.

Remember: You can win on more than one hand in a single game.

5 Diamond Blackjack Game Features and Bonus Rounds

You get 5 chances to beat the dealer, and 5 different ways to win each time.

From just a few free cards to a multiplier of 4000, the payouts at this table game always pay off. If more than one of your hands beats the dealer, you win a prize for EACH HAND!

5 Diamond Blackjack Jackpot

You are eligible to win the jackpot with every card you buy, at any time, at any amout! If you feel like practicing beforehand, you can do so at our instant play section, where you can find this and more free slots without download required.

Additional 5 Diamond Blackjack Rules

  • Beat the dealer’s hand and win the prize.
  • 21 doubles the prize.
  • Get a diamond symbol and win 5 x your original bet!.
  • Qualify for a random jackpot on purchase of every card.
  • Payouts range from its own value up to an astronomical 4000 times the bet amount.
5 Diamond Blackjack Game Screen
5 Diamond Blackjack Options Screen
5 Diamond Blackjack Bet Options
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