European Slot Poker

European Slot Poker is a game of chance that requires just a little skill to cash in on some of the huge rewards that the top US casino has for you. You don’t have to be a serious poker player to win big in this game and both new comers and experienced players alike will love the great bonus rounds where it’s easy to pile on the free cash.

How to Play European Slots Poker

Fix your bet, get your hand dealt and hope for any of the combinations listed in the pay table. With great odds, the object of the game is to match symbols in a pair, three-of-a-kind or all five cards dealt to you in each hand. You can fix your bet from 1 to 10 chips per hand, with denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $5 (from $0.05 to $50 per hand). The deck is made up of 141 cards and reshuffled after every game so each round is brand new increasing your chances to win big. Stay on the lookout for the Joker, who is the game’s wild card and substitutes for any other image (except the bright diamond) to push you closer to big-time winning combinations.

Player’s Turn

Once your bet is set for any single round, click ‘Play’ and you’ll receive your 5-card hand. If you want to discard any, you can click the cards and push ‘Play’ again to throw them away and receive a deal of replacements that will be your final hand. With any bonuses throughout the game, you will be given bonus winnings that you can keep or play in the bonus game feature—it’s up to you. Keep in mind that if you lose the bonus round, you lose the bonus money you played.

Dealer’s Turn

When you’ve set your bet for any round, click ‘Play’ for the dealer to give you your 5 cards. After you review your cards, you can choose to throw any of them away and have the dealer set you up with replacement cards.

You Win When

When your spins result in a complete 5-reel payline, you are a winner. But, the winnings don’t stop there, there are bonuses galore:

There are three different bonus game features for you to win big on: The Fruit Bonus, The Cherry Bonus and The Hi-Lo Bonus game.

When the Fruit Bonus is activated, you can draw hands with four or five Plums, Lemons, Bells, Bar, Cherries and Watermelon. A winning draw gives you the opportunity to trigger the Hi-Lo bonus game.

The Cherry Bonus is activated when you draw two cherries in the game. You will see a Cherry meter above the game play that shows your bet size and capacity, which when reached activates the Hi-Lo feature game. If you decide to play this bonus cash, you can double it.

The third bonus is the Hi-Lo, which is activated after a winning hand. You are dealt five cards with Hi and Lo choices above them, which you have to click to set your guess. If you are right on all 5, your triggering bet is matched and then doubled 5x ($5 wins $320). If you feel like practicing your gaming skills beforehand, you can do so at our instant play section, where you can find hundreds of games, including free slots without download and much more.

Don’t forget about these bonus features:

Wild symbol

The Joker is the wild symbol that substitutes for all icons in the game (except for the bright diamond) and lets you win ultimate combinations.

Cherry Meter Symbol

This meter indicates your bonus win capacity and how close you are to winning another free Hi-Lo round.


5 BAR cards in a single hand wins you an immediate $1000, and make sure to check the Bonus Pay Table to see what cards are most valuable.

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