European Roulette

Palace of Chance, the top casino in the US offers in authentic Vegas style, European Roulette. You will find yourself around a spinning roulette wheel which has the classic red or black slots, all numbered or colored. The player has to simply guess where they think the ball will land. As if you were in a real life casino, you can place a bet in terms of numbers, groups of numbers or color. European Roulette contains 37 numbered slots and also includes the “0” slot.

How to Play European Roulette

The game of Roulette allows you to pick specific numbers or combinations of numbers that you think the ball will land on after the dealer spins it. The only thing that you need to be aware of is how you want to bet, as European Roulette offers a number of different options. The house edge is only a marginal 2.59% which is far less than its American Roulette brother. There are outside and inside bets and there are maximum and minimum table limits. You just have to choose how you wish to bet.

If the ball stops on a pocket where you placed a bet then you are a winner. Clicking on the ‘Repeat’ icon will let you repeat the same bet or you can clear and place a new bet. With every spin you can of course change your betting amount so you can really guide the game in terms of your mood and risk assessment.

Player’s Turn

European Roulette comes along with extravagance and the true classic charisma of a real Vegas casino. The 37 numbered pockets are labeled from 0 to 36, colored red and green and are positioned on the spinning wheel. The player simply has to bet on where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning.

Minimum bets are just $1 inside or outside and you can bet up to $250 inside or outside if you are feeling extra lucky. To select a bet, just click on the chips and place a bet by clicking on the layout. Obviously, multiple bets will increase your chances of winning. Once the croupier places the marker on the table your chances to bet are over and you must press the ‘Spin’ button and then simply have to stand back and cross your fingers and let the wheel decide your fate.

Dealer’s Turn

Once you have placed your bets, just click “Spin” for the dealer to spin the wheel and drop in the ball. This is one of the staples of a true casino, so enjoy the suspense and see how lucky you can get.

You Win When

This game is completely based on chance however knowing how much to risk and how many bets to place can be helpful. Over the years people have come up with innovative ways to try and beat the oh-so-mysterious wheel and such as the ‘single dozen bet’ where the player continues to increase the stake list from minimum to maximum hoping to bet on a single dozen before the end o the stake list.

Other devised plans are those of the intricate Labouchere or Martingale systems, which calculate when to place bets and where. Many believe that such plans are in fact based on superstition and that in roulette it is all based on luck and if the wheel takes a liking to you. If you feel unsure about your gaming skills, or just your luck, make sure to practice before hand in our instant play section, where you can find this and other free slots online. The pay table will explain to you the different betting possibilities as well as their potential rewards!

European Roulette Game Screen
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