Double Jackpot Poker

Call your travel agent and cancel your trip to Vegas. Palace of Chance has your poker fix packed into Double Jackpot Poker, an incredible video poker game that’s overflowing with bonuses!

Double Jackpot Poker is a lot like Jacks or Better Poker—with a twist! Hit four aces, four matching face cards plus an Ace or another face card, Four Kings, Four Queens, Four Jacks, or any Four of A Kind and we’ll throw you into a special bonus round.

If you know how to play Jacks or Better, you’re ready to play. If not, the basics are pretty easy to understand.

You’ll face off against the dealer in a hand of 5-card draw. Beat the dealer with a pair of Jacks or anything better and you win the pot. But that’s not where it ends. You’ll have a chance to double your money with every win. Read on!

How to Play Double Jackpot Poker

First, place your bet by clicking Bet One or Bet Max. Click Bet One to bet a single credit each time you hit the button. Bet Max will bet the maximum number of bets allowed.

Click Draw Deal to deal the cards. You’ll receive five cards and the dealer will receive five cards of his own.

After you see your hand, choose the cards you’d like to keep, if any. Then select Draw Deal to swap your cards for new ones.

In Double Jackpot Poker, your goal is to beat the dealer with the best possible hand. But remember, you need at least a pair of Jacks to take the hand, so aim for at least two Jacks or anything better.

How to Win

Winning Double Jackpot Poker is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is beat the dealer during showdown. You’ll beat the dealer if your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, and if you’re holding at least a pair of Jacks.

To determine the winner, we’ll rank your hand and the dealer’s hand using the same poker ranking system used by casinos and home game enthusiasts—with a few variations.

  1. Royal Flush – A 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all of the same suit
  2. Straight Flush – Any five consecutive cards of the same suit
  3. Four Aces – We’re pretty sure you know what this means
  4. Four Kings, Queens, or Jacks with an Ace, King, Queen or Jack
  5. Four Kings, Queens, or Jacks
  6. Four of a Kind (2 through 10) – Any four of a kind, not including face cards or Aces
  7. Full House – Three of a kind along with two of a kind
  8. Flush – Five cards with the exact same suit
  9. Straight – Five consecutive cards, but the suits can vary
  10. Three of a Kind – Three cards that have the same face value
  11. Two Pair – 2 two-of-a-kinds
  12. Two Jacks or better

If you’re familiar with poker, you’ll notice that our ranking system is similar to what you’re used to. The only difference in Double Jackpot Poker is how Four of a Kind ranks.

Double or Nothing

Double Jackpot Poker offers you the chance to win way more than you’ve imagined. Each time your hand beats the dealer’s hand, you’ll have the opportunity to double your win with the Double or Nothing Bonus Round. If you choose to play, you’ll face off against the dealer in a quick game of high-card wins.

Win Big with Four of a Kind

Win against the dealer with four aces, four matching face cards plus an Ace or another face card, Four Kings, Four Queens, Four Jacks, or any Four of a Kind and you’ll score a jackpot-sized payout!

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