Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus Deuces Wild is a single-player video poker game that uses 2’s as a wild card and features a Double or Nothing Bonus round after each win. There is also variable hand pricing and the ability to play from 3 to 100 hands at a time.

How to Play Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

Just get the best possible hand from what you’re dealt. Simply place your bet, and choose how many hands you wish to play. Bets are converted to 4 credits to the dollar with a minimum buy-in of $5.00.

Select the amount you wish to pay per hand under the “Bonus Deuces Wild” logo. You can place the following bets: $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00. Then just click Bet One or Bet Max (Bet Max increases your payout potential) and your cards are dealt. See the pay table updates to show you the payout rates for the number of coins you decide to bet.
To hold the cards you want to keep, click on them once and a Hold marker should display on the card. Click Draw/Deal to replace the cards you don’t want to keep. You can only draw once.
You win when you build any of the following hands:

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Four Deuces with Ace High
  3. Four Deuces
  4. Wild Royal
  5. Five Aces
  6. Five 3-5
  7. Five 6-K
  8. Straight Flush
  9. Four-of-a-Kind
  10. Full House
  11. Flush
  12. Straight
  13. Three-of-a-Kind

See the pay table on the casino game screen to see if your hands won and the number of each hand that you won.

Wild Cards in Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

2′s are used as wild cards in Bonus Deuces Wild Poker and they can substitute for any other card. Using 2′s as a wild card allow you create some very rare and unbeatable hands like Five Aces, Wild Royal, and any other Five-of-a-Kind.

Bonus Deuces Wild Bonus Round

The Double or Nothing Bonus shows up after every round that you’ve won a hand in. Clicking Yes puts the winnings you’ve acquired in this round at risk, but if the cards are in your favor, you can double your original win! If you proceed with the bonus round, you are shown the Dealer’s card and you can select any one of the remaining four face down cards. Click Draw and your card is revealed. If it ranks higher, you double your money. Keep in mind, the deuce wild card ranks higher than any other card in the bonus round.

Playing Multi-Hand Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

The multi-hand version of Bonus Deuces Wild Poker offers you the greatest potential to win because there are multiple possible results. The potential of winning massive amounts is much higher. Choose between 3 hands, 10 hands, 52 hands, or 100 hands. After the round is finished, all losing hands are grayed out and the pay table will show you the number of
winning hands and their payout.

The classic card game of Loose Deuces has been spun around, flipped on its head and shaken up in Bonus Deuces Wild. The game brings massive wins for 5 of a kind hands and allows you to substitute any card with a 2. Enjoy instant Bonus Deuces Wild here at Palace of Chance Casino, the top US casino online.

Bonus Deuces Wild Game Screen
Bonus Deuces Wild Options Screen
Bonus Deuces Wild Bet Options
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