Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo is simply an online variation of normal Bingo, and is perhaps the fastest and easiest online Bingo game available. Simply pick your cards and hit play to start winning big bonuses and huge prizes in this popular online casino game.

How to Play Bonus Bingo

To play Bonus Bingo at the top US casino, the computer will automatically select 4 cards and place a bet of a nickel per card for you. You can change your bet and the number of cards by clicking on them to turn them on or off. Then click Play. The computer will randomly pick 44 balls and cover the matching numbers on your cards. If the pattern of covered numbers matches with any of the patterns on the game board, you win.

If you don’t like the cards you were issued, you can change your cards before each play. Click the Change Cards button to get a new set of cards.

You Win Bonus Bingo When

You win when any of your cards match a pattern indicated on the game board.

Bonus Bingo Bonus Round and Game Features

The patterns that you play and win on carry different payouts depending on your wager. The game will award you multipliers to double or triple your win on a card. The Bonus balls feature fetch additional rewards and a chance to play the bonus round.

Bonus Bingo Multipliers

You may be awarded with a multiplier when you hit the Play button. Once you receive a multiplier, select one of your cards to use the multiplier on. 2x doubles the amount won on a card, and 3x triples the amount. If you feel like practicing this or any of our casino games including free slots without download, feel free to do it at our web play section.

Bonus Bingo Game Screen
Bonus Bingo Options Screen
Bonus Bingo Bet Options
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