Aces and Eights

The object of Aces and Eights video poker is just to score a winning hand, but there are multiple special payouts for Four-of-a-Kind Aces, 8′s & 7′s. Aces and Eights has variable hand pricing, the ability to play multiple hands (from 3 to 100 at a time!), and the ability to bet up to 5 credits per round. There is also a Double or Nothing Bonus Round that you are eligible for whenever you win – that is if you’re ready to risk it all – just pick a card that has a higher value than the Dealer’s and your winnings will double for that round.

How to Play Aces and Eights Video Poker

Before play begins, determine how many hands you want to play at the same time. Then select the chips that you want to bet. You can place the following bets when playing one hand of Aces & Eights Poker,: $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00. Then it’s simply a matter of building the best possible hand from the cards you are dealt. In case you feel like practicing your gaming skills before playing the actual game, make sure to practice on our web play section, where you can find this game among others, including free slots machines.

Next, click Bet One or Bet Max (which increases your payout potential) and your cards are dealt. The pay table will update to show you the payout rates.

Once you’ve been dealt a round of cards, click on the cards you’d like to keep and you’ll see the Hold marker display on the card. Click Draw/Deal to replace the cards you don’t want to keep. You can only draw once.

You win when you build any of the following hands:

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Straight Flush
  3. Four Aces
  4. Four Eights
  5. Other Four-of-a-Kind
  6. Full House
  7. Flush
  8. Straight
  9. Three-of-a-Kind
  10. Two Pair
  11. One Pair (Jacks or Better)

Wild Cards in Aces & Eights Video Poker

There are no wild cards in the Aces & Eights Video Poker game.

The Aces & Eights Video Poker Bonus Round

As most of the games offered by the top US casino, this games offers a great bonus feature. The Double or Nothing Bonus Round is triggered every time you win a hand. Click Yes if you want to try to double your winnings. You are then shown the Dealer’s card. You then select any one of the remaining four face down cards, if it ranks higher, you double your money.

Playing Multi-Hand Aces & Eights Video Poker

Multiple hands have a higher ratio to win because there are multiple opportunities to cash in, instead of just one. Even one winning hand out of a hundred will present you with a Bonus Round to double those winnings.

Choose between 3 hands, 10 hands, 52 hands, or 100 hands while playing multi-hand Aces & Eights Video Poker. You can bet a penny, nickel, quarter, 50 cents, or one dollar per hand. If you are playing multiple hands, the pay table will show you the number of winning hands and their payout. To identify winning and losing hands while playing multiple hands, the hands that did not win are grayed out. When you place your mouse over a winning hand, text will appear explaining how you won!

Aces and Eights Game Screen
Aces and Eights Options Screen
Aces and Eights Bet Options
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